Wisdom From the Three Wise Men – A Look at Their Advice

The Three Wise Men of the Bible was messengers sent from God to teach the Israelites what they should do. They became symbols for God to show them what they should not do when it came to their dealings with others. They are sometimes referred to as the Three Kings or the Magi. However, the meaning behind the Magi and the Three Wise Men is a lot different than what most believe.


In the story of the Magi, the three wise men set out to get the infant Jesus into His mother’s arms. The three wise men told her she should look after him until his birth, but she didn’t. Then the wise men said they would go and get him, but they never did. Most likely, they never intended on coming back to retrieve him at all.


The Three wise men were not going to come back empty handed; they had something that the Romans didn’t have, and that was the power of God. They had seen His glory and lived for His sake. That is why they went and acted in this way. We can use that same principle when we are working on what it means to be wise in God’s eyes.


It is not necessary for us to carry a load of His glory in our hearts. We simply need to bring Him to light, so that He can shine through in our lives. If we are filled with foolishness and hate and evil and suffering, none of the other three men will see that we are really working towards what is best for mankind. If we don’t, then all of our effort will be for nothing.


There is a reason the wise men went back to Egypt. That reason is that there was a kingdom that was strong and rich and that the people of that land needed help. That is the reason they gladly gave the three men for their guidance. Their role in the great plan of salvation for humankind is vital and quite indispensable.


When we find ourselves in a place where we think we can’t get anything done, we have to take time out and think. Our actions, no matter how small they are, can have very far-reaching consequences. Sometimes, that requires us to turn inward. Sometimes, we need to look inward before moving forward. Sometimes, we simply have to stop trying to do everything all at once and start doing things piecemeal. Sometimes, all we need to do is to learn more about ourselves.


For instance, let’s say that we know that we are hurting and that we don’t feel like doing much more. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. It simply means that we need to do something differently next time. It’s important for us to recognize that there is life in the midst of death, and sometimes when we decide to ignore that fact, we are just prolonging the inevitable. The Three Wise Men is great guides because they recognize the value in being patient and letting things happen in their own time.


They also saw, as we do, the glory of having dreams and aspirations. They saw that the accumulation of wealth and luxury are not essential to happiness and fulfillment, but that they could be the beginning of a new way of living. The Three Wise Men pointed out ways to pursue happiness and fulfillment through work and the pursuit of our passions. The three men’s words and the vision they showed us changed our lives. No matter where we are today, we can use their advice and follow their teachings.