Why IT Companies Are Flocking to Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio and boasts of one of the largest urban areas in the United States. This city, which is situated in southern Ohio, is a prominent cultural, industrial and business center of Ohio. In recent years, Columbus has emerged as one of the world’s leading research and technology centers. This city is home to approximately one quarter of the population of the state of Ohio. This metropolitan area is considered among the most technologically progressive cities in the nation.



Columbus offers a good number of job opportunities for professionals looking to relocate to a dynamic city with an attractive workforce. One Columbus, previously named Toledo, is the umbrella economic development agency for the southern nine-county Columbus Region. The Columbus metro area is considered among the most affordable cities in the country, according to national average costs. The region is home to many colleges and universities that offer professional degrees. Many of these schools are accredited by the National Association for Schools of Nursing (NASN).


Real estate analysts have predicted that the Columbus market will experience strong and continued growth over the next five to seven years, driven by the availability of highly qualified professionals, continuing investment in facilities and amenities, and increasing availability of available jobs and population. Real estate markets can either be cyclical or secular, with some regions experiencing strong demand from buyers, while others have been hit hard by the housing crisis. Some of the best cities for finding affordable real estate in the Columbus area include the following:


If you want to find the best Columbus homes for sale, you should take advantage of the growing demand for professionals in the Columbus environment. Real estate prices have dropped in some areas in Columbus, such as South Main, but they’ve remained relatively high in other areas, such as North Central Columbus. The two hottest neighborhoods in Columbus right now are Downtown and East End. These downtown neighborhoods have seen the lion’s share of development in recent years, with a massive amount of investment pouring into their retail centers and sky-rocketing housing costs. Real estate investment opportunities in Downtown Columbus and the East End provide a great opportunity to grab a home at a great price, while simultaneously seeing an improvement in your Columbus career and earning potential.


Real estate investments in the Columbus area can take you to two spots on the national spectrum. While tech hubs like Columbus itself and the neighboring state of Ohio have received a lot of attention over the past few years, there is another region of Ohio that has been rapidly growing. The Tri County Area, encompassing Cleveland, Columbus and Port Columbus, boasts one of the largest concentrations of workers in the state. This influx of workers has caused both a decline in property values in the tri-county area, and an increase in income tax rates across the board.


This rapid growth has created several unique job markets in the Columbus metropolitan area. The number of high-paying jobs in the medical field has increased by more than twenty percent over the last two years, contributing to an overall higher income level for this city. High-paying jobs in the information technology field, as well as those focused on the creative industries, are also seeing investments made by larger companies looking for talented individuals to help them grow and expand. In addition to these two major job markets, there are still a variety of entry-level and temporary positions available in Columbus that offer a good salary and benefit package. If you are searching for a new job and are considering investing in Columbus for either employment purposes or residential space, here are some of the best Columbus real estate options to consider:


Columbus is experiencing an influx of tech scene-oriented jobs, which will most likely be focused on the downtown area. The Columbus International Airport has seen an increase in flights going into the city, and thousands of people from out of state and other states to fly in to take advantage of this fact. Business travelers looking to open new branches of their business or take advantage of the Columbus corporate tax credit will find the central business district to be the hot spot in town. This is where many major employers are opting to set up shop to avoid taxes and fees on sales and purchases of products and services.


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been making big moves to improve its safety features following a recent string of tragic security incidents at the zoo. As the zoo makes progress with its plans to implement tighter security measures, more jobs will be created in the Columbus area. Security and safety jobs will be the primary drivers behind this new growth, and IT professionals are expected to be in high demand. Columbus is one of the largest cities in the Midwest and home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and it has a higher than the national average, making it an ideal city to work in if you are interested in security jobs. With the aforementioned information technology and higher than the national average, Columbus offers both job growth opportunities and a moderate housing market.