Just Like A Taxi – An Awesome Premise

Just Like A Taxi Marks An Awesome Debut

“I’d ride a taxi, you’re just like a taxi.” This is one line from a brilliant movie and it sums up the greatness of this film; it’s just like a taxi actually. The setting is clearly a cab and as the taxi drives away, it makes you realize that they are actually talking about each other.


The first 30 minutes or so are just like a taxi marks an awesome debut. Jake Morrison (Chase Wilson) is exiting a bar and he suddenly gets the urge to go home. It’s understandable because he has just had some trouble in the previous bars he has been to. He goes home but when he walks in the door he hears a voice that tells him not to go inside.


The taxi however doesn’t allow him entrance anymore. He then gets out of the cab and walks up to the front door. The door immediately opens on his face and the voice that are asking him not to go inside is revealed to be John Cleese (Graham Greene). After explaining what happened he asks him if he wants to leave. Jake says he has nowhere to go and John leaves him alone.


Once outside John takes Jake to meet his friend Tim (Ian McShane). Tim is a close friend of John’s who is a former model builder and he comes from a wealthy background. While they are talking in their first meeting, the both of them notice a man (Jamie Greenstein) sitting in the middle of the street, waiting for something.


As they approach the man, John notices that he is really alone and thinks that the guy might be waiting for someone. As they walk closer, it becomes clear that he is just waiting for one of them to call him. It turns out that he is a taxi driver called Ben (Ben Stiller), who works in the neighborhood. One of the cabbies sees the two of them and when he asks for a tip, John obliges and gives him twenty dollars.


As they are walking hand in hand, it suddenly dawns on John that he might have been sitting in the wrong part of town. As they reach the end of the road, they see a taxi coming up behind them. The taxi driver tries to get away but John stops him and gets in the cab with him. As the taxi leaves, John tells him he’s just going for a ride and rides in the back seat with him. As the taxi speeds off, John starts to feel awkward and gets out of the cab as the taxi driver drives away.


It turns out that this encounter was supposed to be just like a first meeting but John is a bit nervous about meeting his old boy friend again. When he arrives at the restaurant, Ben is waiting there with his friend Sandy. John tries to avoid sitting with them since they’re already acquainted with each other but ends up sitting across from them. The two of them share a joke between each other which makes the night even more exciting.


Just like a taxi, the movie ends happily: when John finds out that Ben is actually a convert and he goes back to his apartment. The movie ends with the two of them talking in the morning and John offers to help Ben look for a new job. They both thank each other and head off to their new jobs. One has to admit, I was hooked on watching this movie right from the beginning. A quirky, fun and entertaining movie that leaves you wanting for more!