Is Saying Happy Christmas Offensive?

Is Saying Happy Holidays Offensive

The question is “is saying happy Christmas offensive?” Many people in the world use this phrase as their way of greeting each other and adding that extra festive feeling to a hectic Christmas. The question many ask themselves, when saying “Happy Holidays” is it offensive? To answer this question we have to look at what the holiday symbolizes. The reason Christmas is a widely used greeting in many parts of the world is because it’s a symbol of peace.


In many parts of the globe, especially Europe and America, peace is considered to be a very special holiday. The peace we celebrate here is thought to bring joy and happiness into the lives of those who appreciate it. Peace and love are what the majority of people want during the holidays. Christmas, therefore, becomes an appropriate way of wishing people happy holidays. It’s not considered offensive.


Christmas is a time for giving gifts, of decorating the home and of giving presents to loved ones. It is also a time for giving presents to people we care about. It is a time for giving our children and our family members gifts that they will remember for many years to come.


In America, however, Christmas is a time for giving thanks for what we have. This means that some people take offense when someone says “Merry Christmas”. In other words, saying Merry Christmas to someone means you are thankful for what they have. Saying Merry Christmas to someone else might mean saying it to yourself. It depends on how you are feeling.


In America, the holiday season is a big deal. It is estimated that the average person spends anywhere from four to seven hours in the holiday season. Many people use the holiday season as an excuse to get out with the rest of the world. A prime example is the college student who flies into a snow storm and has to spend the night at home instead of going out for the holiday.


Some people say that this is not really such a big deal. They point out that in the old days, people didn’t spend so much time together. Times have changed. Nowadays, families can spend time together in much more meaningful ways than just eating and talking about Christmas.


Some say that the best way to express your feelings about the holidays is to go ahead and say them out loud. Others prefer to send electronic greeting cards instead. To many people, sending electronic cards is a better option than writing letters. The main thing to keep in mind about saying Merry Christmas is to make sure that you say it sincerely. In other words, don’t say it with a tinted glass glint in your eye.


That is probably the last thing a fellow human should be doing on this most special day. What is saying Happy Christmas to your family in an inappropriate manner? This is something that some families have had to face recently. With all the materialistic way of life we have been taught, many people find it hard to balance family life with their holiday celebrations. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to move forward without having to worry about such issues.


As a kid you learned to say Merry Christmas to everyone on your street. You may have even stood out in class by saying it more than once! As you grew up and attended different Holiday parties you may have noticed that some people just said Merry Christmas. As you matured and moved on in life, did your family ever say Happy Holidays? If so, you are part of a generation that has experienced the joy and happiness of making and receiving traditional holiday cards. Do you really want to see our culture slip into a place where people only send cookie cutter ideas to each other?


We are already seeing signs of the decline of traditional holiday ideas. Traditional cookie cutters and candles are fast becoming things of the past. Instead of these traditional items, more people are buying personalized items for their loved ones. You can choose a name for your loved one or choose something that goes hand in hand with what they like to do or are into. Personalizing a gift makes it personal and says that you took the time and effort to think of them personally rather than just buying something off of the shelf.


So, is saying happy Christmas offensive? I would have to answer no, as long as the person is not saying offensive words towards Christianity. I would also argue that saying Happy Xmas is fine provided that it does not include anything negative towards Christians or Christianity in general. I just fear that in our generation we will watch our traditions slowly slip away. In an age where everything is changing, our customs are under attack and our traditions need to stand up for themselves.