Getting Medical Insurance in the United States

Americas Healthcare System Ranks The Lowest Among Industrialized Nations

The Americas Healthcare System ranks lowest among all industrialized nations in the world. The US trails close behind Canada and the United Kingdom in life expectancy. At one point in time, the United States was one of the wealthiest nations in the world, but now seems to be a poorer, aging country. Life in the United States is no better or worse than anywhere else in the world except for one thing- Americans pay more for healthcare than any other country in the world.


In many areas of the country, particularly in large cities, the lack of available healthcare has been a huge problem for families and individuals alike. The problems are not unique to big cities either. The problems are everywhere. It is simply a numbers game. If you have a relatively large family or even a large group of friends living in an area with inadequate healthcare coverage, the costs can quickly add up and threaten the financial stability of everyone in that household.


Even in places where healthcare coverage is not available, there are still tremendous costs associated with long-term healthcare costs. Many of the same problems exist in the United States as they do elsewhere around the world. Many people who have insurance coverage in the United States do not have adequate healthcare coverage because they do not bother to buy it. They think that if they have insurance, their doctor’s office will take care of any problems they have with their health.


Insurance companies simply have an incentive to keep their costs down because there are so few claims each year. Most Americans do not purchase insurance until they have a serious problem with their health. When they do, the costs can be astronomical. There are also many individuals and families in the United States that purchase insurance on their own, but often end up getting less care than they need or deserve because of cost-related reasons. This is not an American health care system by any stretch of the imagination.


Americans should be aware of what is going on in their own backyards. The “Affordable Care Act” is a great example of how government intervention can actually help to improve a nation’s healthcare system. Many residents of California, Massachusetts, and Washington State are able to get health insurance because their state governments either offered the insurance or mandated that it be made available. Those who did not have to buy it through the government often found cheaper rates by doing business on their own.


There is hope for those in the United States that do not want to be forced into buying insurance through the government. There is a lot of talk about care reform, which will attempt to get the government out of the business of providing medical care. Although this may seem like a radical idea, many believe that if we can get our government to care for our own needs, then we might be able to get a cheaper system, since governmental involvement does not always lead to the best results.


One thing that many people believe they should do is get private health insurance. This seems like a ridiculous idea, since there are already numerous problems with our country concerning healthcare. However, the government has not done a very good job at getting those that are uninsured to buy insurance. Many people believe that if more people would get their healthcare through a private provider, it might be more likely to keep them healthy. There are also many employers that are forcing their employees to purchase healthcare plans, which usually have quite high co-pays and deductibles. It is not hard to imagine why more people would try to find cheaper alternatives to the healthcare reform plan being pushed by the government.


Another option to consider would be to try to work with one of the many home care agencies that are operating in the United States. These companies are often run by single mothers who have more than one child under the age of twelve. They are there to make sure that the children get all the medical attention that they need when it is needed. There have been successful stories of people being able to get affordable rates through this type of company. However, if you are not a mother, you may be wondering what kind of rate you can get. It depends on how much the care agency can save you each month on your premiums, since they will be paying for both your medical and non-medical care through the government.